Call for Tutorial Proposals

We solicit proposals for short courses and tutorials to be held at the 2023 International Conference on Networks, Communication and Computing (ICNCC). Courses and tutorials will take place before the main conference.

The short course or tutorial should aim to give a comprehensive overview of a specific topics related to Networks, Communication and Computing. A good tutorial should be educational rather than just a cursory survey of techniques. The topic should be of sufficient relevance and importance to attract significant number of participation.

Typical tutorial audiences consist of graduate students studying networks, communication and computing, but also include researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry. We invite proposals for both 1 hour and 2 hours courses, but anticipate that most courses will be within 1 hours unless the topic is expected to attract widespread community attention or will require the additional time.

The tutorial proposals, in PDF, should provide the following information, in the following format:

Please send a whole copy of your proposal in PDF format to: Jennifer Law (email: with subject "Submission of ICNCC Tutorial proposal: XXX", where XXX should be replaced by the acronym of your Tutorial by October 10, 2024.

Should you need any additional information or clarifications, feel free to contact us at