ICNCC 2022

Virtual Conference

December 9-11, 2022

ICNCC 2022 is co-organized by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Huanghe Science and Technology College, supported by Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Henan Polytechnic University, and Shandong Technology and Business University. via Internet. Thanks for the support from all aprticipants and professors.

Prof. Xiaohong Huang from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China expressed warmly welcome to all participants online. This year, we have invited 3 outstanding experts to deliver keynote speech. They are Prof. Jian Wang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China (OPTICA Fellow, SPIE Fellow); Prof. Zuqing Zhu, University of Science and Technology of China (IEEE Fellow); Prof. Shigang Chen, University of Florida, USA (IEEE Fellow).

ICNCC 2022, ACM (ISBN: 978-1-4503-9804-6) online, and indexed by Scopus & Ei Compendex.

ICNCC Awards

Session 1-Digital Image Analysis and Method
Low-light Image Enhancement via Unsupervised Progressive Fusion Network
Mr. Hengxuan Li, Zhanqiang Huo, Yingxu Qiao
Henan Polytechnic University, China

Session 2- Mobile Communication and Data Center Network
Energy Efficient Computation Offloading and Resource Allocation for Satellite Multi-Access Edge Computing
Dr. Yuanyuan Hao, Qian Zhang, Zhong Zheng, Zhongyu Miao, Hanyu Zheng
China Academy of Space Technology, China

Session 3- System Design and Development Technology based on Visualization
Development of Real-Time Traffic Monitoring and Visualization System Using Stationary Roadside Sensor
Dr. Jundee Mark G. Molina, Angelica S. Sotis, Rogamestica C. Pascual, James Earl D. Cubillas, Junrie B. Matias
Caraga State University, Butuan City, Philippines

Session 4-Intelligent Algorithm and Data Calculation
A Comparative Study of CNN and Bi-LSTM in Text-Based Sentiment Analysis
Mr. Kaiyao Ke
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Session 5-Software Design and Information Security
Development and Evaluation of Enhanced National Greening Program Monitoring and Document Archiving System using DeLone and McLean IS Success Model
Dr. Joana Victoria S Pitao, Jenie P Nabas, Junrie B Matias, Jesterlyn Q Timosan, Godwin Rollorata
Caraga State University, Philippines

Session 6-Intelligent Image Processing and Application
Identify VPN Traffic Under HTTPS Tunnel Using Three-Dimensional Sequence Features
Mr. Yaning Zhang, Weishi Sun, Shuzhuang Zhang
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China